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We are delighted to have PhoneWatch exhibit at this winter's Christmas Shopping Expo on 7th and 8th December in Sport Ireland's Indoor Arena.

PhoneWatch is Ireland’s leading provider of monitored home security systems. They’ve been protecting Irish homes for over 32 years and are proud to keep more than 120,000 homes and families safe across Ireland.

PhoneWatch offers an all-inclusive home safety system that monitors your home through a burglary alarm, contact and shock detectors for doors and windows, camera motion detectors, smoke detectors, a keypad, keytags, deterrent signs and stickers, and an app, all giving you peace of mind when you’re home or away. Their home security system doesn’t just protect against burglary 24/7, but uniquely their system also monitors against smoke incidents, even when your alarm isn’t armed. If a burglary, smoke or SOS situation occurs in your home when the alarm is armed, the alarm will sound and alert the Alarm Receiving Centre team in Dublin will review and respond, to ensure you and your loved ones are kept safe. At PhoneWatch they respond to alarm activations within 15 seconds.

When you’re with PhoneWatch, you’ll receive continuous remote alarm health checks, service call outs and an extensive product warranty. So, it’s no wonder our customers give them a customer satisfaction rating of 96% and 4.9 / 5 stars on Trustpilot.

For more information see www.phonewatch.ie.

As the summer sun blazes and we find ourselves deep in the heart of July, thoughts of winter holidays and festive celebrations might seem distant. Yet, for many, the allure of Christmas fairs extends beyond the cold months, capturing our imaginations and warming our hearts no matter the season.

The Magic of Christmas Fairs

Christmas fairs, often synonymous with twinkling lights, the scent of mulled wine, and the sound of carolers, offer a unique blend of nostalgia and novelty. These events, rooted in centuries-old traditions, transform towns and cities into winter wonderlands. The appeal of Christmas fairs lies in their ability to evoke a sense of community, joy, and a break from the mundane routines of everyday life.

A Tradition with Deep Roots

The origins of Christmas fairs can be traced back to medieval Europe, where they began as winter markets to prepare for the festive season. The Striezelmarkt in Dresden, Germany, established in 1434, is one of the oldest known Christmas markets. Such fairs have since evolved, incorporating local customs and modern attractions, yet they maintain their historical charm and cultural significance.

Year-Round Planning and Anticipation

For organizers, the preparation for a successful Christmas fair starts long before the first snowflake falls. In fact, July is a critical month for planning. Stallholders secure their spots, artisans perfect their crafts, and event coordinators finalize logistics. This behind-the-scenes hustle ensures that by the time December arrives, everything runs smoothly, creating a seamless experience for visitors.

Summer Inspiration for Winter Wonders

Thinking about Christmas fairs in July can also spark creativity and anticipation. It’s the perfect time to brainstorm unique themes, innovative decorations, and engaging activities that will set the upcoming fair apart. Whether it's crafting homemade ornaments, planning a new gingerbread recipe, or designing an enchanting light display, summer offers ample time to experiment and perfect these ideas.

The Economic and Social Impact

Beyond their festive appeal, Christmas fairs have significant economic and social impacts. They boost local economies by attracting tourists and providing a platform for small businesses and artisans. The social benefits are equally important, fostering a sense of togetherness and community spirit. During a time when many people feel isolated, the communal experience of a Christmas fair can be particularly uplifting.

Global Celebrations

While Europe may be the birthplace of the traditional Christmas fair, the concept has been embraced worldwide. From the bustling markets in New York's Bryant Park to the charming stalls in Melbourne’s Federation Square, Christmas fairs have become global phenomena. Each location adds its unique cultural twist, creating diverse and vibrant experiences for attendees.

A Summer of Christmas Fair Prep

As we bask in the warmth of summer, it’s an opportune moment to look forward to the joys of winter. For those involved in organizing or participating in Christmas fairs, July is not a time for rest but for preparation and innovation. This mid-year planning ensures that when the holiday season arrives, the magic of Christmas fairs can be enjoyed to its fullest.

So, as you sip your iced tea and enjoy the sunny days, spare a thought for the coming festivities. Imagine the joy of wandering through a Christmas fair, surrounded by lights, laughter, and the spirit of the season. After all, the magic of Christmas isn’t confined to a single month—it’s a feeling that can be cherished and anticipated all year round.

*If you're interested in exhibiting at Christmas Shopping Expo 2024 you can contact our team for further information today right here.

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